Frequently asked questions

Is Roga safe?

Yes! Roga is based on decades of scientific research using non-invasive brain stimulation.

Roga uses an exceptionally small electric current (less than 0.5 milliamps) to gently stimulate the brain, in a way that was carefully developed by neuroscientists over years of experimentation.

To give you a sense of scale, the current that Roga applies is about 1/100th of the electricity already flowing through the brain, and about

1/20th of the energy absorbed by the brain during a 15 minute phone call.

Over years of study and review, the safety and effectiveness of Roga has been extensively reviewed. No serious negative effects have been observed among any users of Roga.

On extremely rare occasions, users have experienced minor temporary effects of discomfort, including a mild headache or dizziness. If this happens, remove the patches and try again later, but please make sure to consider other potential causes such as dehydration and other medication.

We recommend not applying Roga to a site of injury.

If you have an irritated area of skin that is recovering from an injury in your ears or neck, we recommend not to apply Roga over the affected area.

How does Roga work?

Roga was designed to restore balance to your nervous system.
Roga uses a method known as electric pulse stimulation, developed by neuroscientists at some of the world’s leading medical and research institutions.

It delivers a gentle pulse that trains the nervous system to recover more quickly. These pulses send safety signals to the brain, activating your parasympathetic nervous system, and give your body and mind a chance to recover.
It helps restore your balance, making it easier to relax,and get the restorative sleep you need.

Stressful things will always come our way, and we can’t control that, but we can control our reaction, how we adapt to it and grow from it. Roga is here to help you do that!

Download the Roga app to learn more about the fundamentals of stress, and how to get the most benefit from using Roga.

What benefits can I expect?  And how soon will I feel them?

Roga users should expect less stress within two weeks of consistent daily use. Some users feel calmer after just one session, and for others results can take a bit more time.

Developed by physicians and neuroscientists, Roga stimulation patterns are designed to facilitate natural states of relaxation. Unlike typical electronic devices that vibrate like a cell phone or massager, Roga pulses feel more natural to the body.
Roga works by activating a brain pathway integral to mental wellbeing. With each session, this pathway strengthens and benefits become more noticeable.

How to set up the Roga device?

Please view our instructional video for an overview of the process. The device is very simple to use and easy to maintain.

How do I change the electrode pads?

In order to change the electrode pads, just pull lightly on the electrodes until they pop-out of the hook.

Grab a fresh pair of electrodes from the electrode bag and clip them in directly to the hooks.
You can follow this
instructional video for reference.

How can I tell if the device is working?

If the blue indicator light is on 🔵, the device is delivering stimulation and the electrodes are properly placed behind your ears.

If he red indicator light is on 🔴, make sure that:

- You have pushed your hair out of the way of the electrodes.

- The electrodes are sticked to the skin.

- The hooks are placed tightly over your ears.

- The cable is plugged to your phone Lightning / USB charging port.

What should I expect to feel when I use Roga? / How do I know if the intensity high enough?

NIBS (Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation) has often been described by initial users as a slight buzzing, tingling sensation. When you first use

Roga, the feeling may be unfamiliar to you, but it becomes less noticeable over time - and many users say they don’t notice the feeling beyond the first time they use it.

Please note: you don’t have to ‘feel’ the stimulation in order to get great results.

The best results will come from maximizing the intensity slider on the device, while only going as high as you are physically comfortable with.

If the stimulation is uncomfortable turn it down by adjusting the slider on the device.

The vast majority of users find maximum intensity quite comfortable.

Are Roga electrode pads safe for my skin?

The patches don’t have any dermatological side effects at the usage level we recommend. They’re made of a medical hydrogel that has undergone a lot of testing for skin irritation, sensitization and cytotoxicity.
They’re often worn by patients for extended periods.
Internal testing has shown at worst a mild red mark that disappears after a few minutes.

Are there side effects?

Less than 1% of patients report a mild, temporary headache or dizziness when using the device.

Although not a side effect, improper use of the device may result in minor skin irritation beneath the electrode sites. Please watch the instructional video and read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the device.

How long will the battery last?

Glad you ask!
The Roga device doesn’t use any batteries.
That’s right, no need for charging or buying extra batteries.
Instead, you just plug the cable directly to your phone like a wired headset.
Note: 1 Roga session uses less than 1% battery on a regular cell phone.

Can I charge my phone while using Roga?

Unfortunately No.
Please wait until your phone is charged in order to use Roga.

Should I use Roga with wireless headphones?

Yes! Roga is meant to be used with your wireless headphones on. Any headphones will work.

*Headphones are not included with the purchase of a Roga device.

What if I don’t have wireless headphones?

There are 2 alternatives:

  • You can use the phone speaker to listen to the audio in the Roga app
  • You can send the videos to your apple TV or cast via chromecast.

Is there scientific proof of the benefits?

Yes. Roga’s benefits have been validated through multiple user studies.
In home use trial studies, 90% of participants reported on average a reduction of 50% on stress symptoms after using Roga consistently for 2 weeks.
GAD-7 and ZUNG tests confirm these benefits. Using Roga for 20 minutes leads to an increase in alpha waves, a type of brain activity that indicates a sense of calm and relaxation.

Can I use Roga if I'm under medical care for anxiety?

The Roga device is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Is Roga FDA cleared?

The Roga wearable is a wellness device and does not require FDA approval for sale.

Nonetheless, the Roga wearable has been built under rigorous design controls necessary for submission to the FDA. Roga Life Inc. meets the Quality System Regulation ISO 13485 manufacturing requirements for medical devices sold in the United States.

How does the Roga membership work?

The Roga membership includes a latest generation Roga device, unlimited access to Roga's patented technology, and all Roga app features including premium content and stress reports.
All memberships include a 30 day risk-free return period, after which your membership continues until its expiration date. A membership is required to use Roga.

Can I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership for a refund, you can do so at any point during the 30 day risk-free return period.
Outside of the 30 day return period, you can cancel in the Membership Portal. Your membership remains active until the end of the commitment period, at which point you will no longer be billed. Your payments will continue as normal until the commitment period ends.

What happens after my initial membership period ends?

At the end of the commitment period, monthly memberships will automatically renew for 3 months at $20/month. Pre-paid memberships can be renewed beyond the initial commitment period via the Roga app.

Can I sleep while wearing Roga?

No, Roga was not designed to be worn while sleeping.

Roga is worn during the day or before bedtime. It will greatly help with sleep as its effects last for hours after a session and build up over time.

What’s Roga’s return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer free returns within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or replacement.


Our Thirty (30) Day Return Policy

This return policy applies only to purchases made through www.rogalife.com. If you purchased a Roga through a third-party marketplace and you are interested in making a return, then please contact that third-party marketplace.

If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your Roga or the services you may cancel your Membership and return your Roga for any reason within thirty (30) days of activation of your Roga for a full refund of the Initial Membership Fee (which will be paid via your original payment method) and any monthly fees.

In order to receive your refund you must request a return within thirty (30) days of activation. The date of activation is the earlier of the date that you first linked your Roga to an account using the Roga application, or the date that is 30 days after you purchased your Roga through www.rogalife.com.


Again, this Roga return policy applies only to purchases made from www.rogalife.com.

Below are instructions on how to return your Roga and receive your refund.



To request a return, please send an email to info@rogalife.com.

A return shipping label will be provided to you. Use the shipping label to ship your Roga back to us.

Once you have requested your return, you are eligible for a refund of the initial Membership Fee, as long as the Roga device is received within thirty (30) days from the date you requested the return. If we do not receive your Roga device within thirty (30) days after you request the return, you will not receive a refund.

Once a return is requested, we will cancel the Membership associated with the Roga.  



If the time period(s) described above have passed, you may still cancel your Membership; however, the cancellation will not go into effect until the end of the initial subscription period. You may discontinue your use of the Membership and Services at any time.

What phones and tablets are compatible with Roga?

Our hardware and mobile app are developed, updated, and tested on iOS 13+ devices.

The Roga mobile app is supported for smartphones running Android 9 and above.


Yes, the mobile app is also available for both iOS and Android tablets.


*Although older devices may be compatible, performance improvements and fixes are not developed specifically for this range of devices.

How do I clean my Roga device?

We recommend using an alcohol wipe or soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and lightly scrubbing the aluminum case of the Roga device and the plastic hooks. Please remove the electrodes if you are going to clean the hooks. To remove the electrodes just pull on the electrodes until the pop out of the hook.

Roga is not waterproof, so avoid submerging it in water.

Please do not wear the Roga device in the shower, bath, or while swimming.

Are there any contraindications?

Please carefully review the following questions:

- Do you have any implanted electronic medical devices, such as a cardiac pacemaker or a deep brain stimulator?

- Do you have, or suspect you have, heart disease?

- Have you ever been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia?

- Are you pregnant?

- Do you suffer from any seizure disorder?

If you answer YES to ANY of the above questions, please consult with your doctor before using Roga.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the device?

Most insurance plans do not currently cover wearable brain stimulation treatments, but we are working on expanding coverage.

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