A wearable specifically designed to help you with anxiety.

How it works?

Set Up

Open the Roga App to access our exclusive music content




Plug the device into your phone

Settle In

Place the self adhesive patches behind your ears


Let's Flow

Put on your headphones
and let the music guide you...


“Nothing feels better than relaxing YOUR MIND”

Non-invasive neurostimulation

We thoughtfully engineered Roga to use a technology called Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (or CES). CES generates a very precise electric frequency that helps you relax.

There is ample scientific research of CES technology in the treatment of anxiety (+100 clinical studies).

Although CES is cleared by the FDA for treatment of anxiety, the Roga device is still not cleared by FDA.

What does it do?

The CES stimulates the brain at a very specific frequency. This affects the endogenous brain oscillations, increasing alpha activity in the brain, which is associated with relaxation.


8-12 Hz

Any side effects?

CES has a very safe profile.

Side effects are reported in ~3% or less of treatments. They might include dizziness and skin irritation at the electrode sites.

The App


The music in the App work in synergy with the neurostimulation device, allowing you to quickly relax.
The tracks have binaural beats and Isotronic tones embedded in the background, creating relaxing music you can listen wherever you go.

    + Exclusive Content

    + Smart Usage Analytics

    + Share you results

FIGHT anxiety wherever you Are.

Roga is super small. Smaller than a lighter. So you can take it anywhere.

Thanks to its modern design, you can use it in public without feeling self-conscious.

Since Roga connects directly to your phone, there is no need to carry batteries or recharge it.

Use it daily for a 20min session to recover your brain.

Ready to try Roga?